The Great Lent

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As we finished the pancake/crepe week, or Maslenitsa, which is one of the oldest known traditions in Slavic cultures, making pancakes all week long and celebrating, today commemorates the beginning of the Great Lent: 7 weeks of fasting physically, mentally, spiritually. This is a very powerful time for the followers of Orthodoxy.

Most people know Lent as the time to give up certain foods, but this isn’t the best way to understand what is going on. It’s the time for humility and for conversations with God, for Spiritual Evolvement and getting closer to the Divine. This is the time for a great sacrifice of our usual daily habits and time to get closer to God. This is a truly magical time, as if treated seriously, it can provide some incredible gifts.

This year at the time of Maslenitsa and Ramadan have began at the same, so the energy of the two great religions is on the rise, as both vortexes are overflowing with all the prayers and sacrifice at practically the same time. I believe this time is magical, this time is sacred.

I began my Lent journey many years ago. I did not know much about it but I felt a calling to participate. Unfortunately I’ve missed some of those years, like the past two years due to going through one of the worst depressions of my life. But I knew that 2024 is special and nothing can stand in my way to dedicate this time to God and powers that support me.

So how do you spent the Great Lent? After finding a lot of different information I decided to ask the father in the Orthodox church. He has confirmed that there are many different schedules and everybody is doing it differently. However, there are official versions that are followed by monks. This tends to be water fast on the first day of Lent – Monday and the last Friday before Easter. The rest of the time is divided between weekdays and weekends.

Weekdays, Monday – Friday: uncooked food without oil/butter

Weekends: cooked food and oil are allowed. Also seafood is allowed, but as I am mostly vegan, this just remains vegan for me.

Of course this also depends on your health. For people who have severe conditions moderations allowed. But I am not one of them. I love practicing fasts and ascetic practices throughout the year. And when it comes to the Great Lent, I see it as a yearly opportunity to evolve in my spiritual practices and of course the ascetism, and the fast is to become stricter than the rest of the year.

It is important to remember that food we consume is only part of the equation. It is much more important to practice removing things that do not serve us. For example if you are a heavy smoker, it might be much more beneficial and advisable to remove cigarettes from your life. If you are addicted to sugar, removing sugar, etc. Of course needless to say alcohol is a no during this time, although one glass of red wine is allowed on weekends. I tend to remove alcohol all together. This time is for solitude – avoid big parties and gatherings. It is important to remember that this time is for the connection to the divine, self reflection, humility and repentance. Enormous amounts of energy are being produced and you become part of this vortex.

When you set an intention for this term and follow through, Miracles awaiting on the other side of it… Your body, your energy field cleanse and you start thinking and feeling differently. This is when inspiration can visit you and downloads from the above. The prayer during Great Lent is much more powerful and the energy transformed is on another level.

As for me, I feel like this year’s Lent is about to change everything… Happy Fasting my Loves xo


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