Light Bearer & SoulMate Alchemist
As a Spiritual Guide, Manifestation, Life, Dating & Relationship Alchemist, I help Souls like you create their desired reality so that they can live their best life without fears and stress they had before

Crisis Management

If you are facing a life or a relationship crisis, if you feel like you cannot breathe and you need to talk to someone who will listen and understand, if you require an urgent help, book your crisis management session now.

Tarot Pull With Situational Analysis

Tarot pull with a psychic tune in and situational analysis. Especially popular with Love, Dating & Relationship dilemmas.

Choose between a 20 minute call and a one hour appointment

Daily Rituals Checklist

Make Your Life A Conscious One! Become The Creator Of Your Reality
Get My Free Checklist Now. In this checklist you will find daily rituals that have transformed my life.

I left depression, bad habits and negative feelings behind… Now is your time to create your best life, one day at a time

Hi! My name is Svietlana
I am your Spiritual Teacher, Manifestation Maven & SoulMate Alchemist with over a decade of experience
Originating as the founder of Europe's largest female meetup, I transitioned my expertise from business networking to love and relationship coaching after overcoming personal challenges. My journey led me to a psychic school, where I have also tapped into my spiritual gifts and soon after consciously manifested transformative changes. Fascinated by the synergy between manifestation, mind, and energy, I guide Souls in harnessing these tools. Dedicated to spiritual growth, I passionately share insights into spiritual principles and invite you to join me in creating positive change on the planet. But changing ourselves we are changing the collective reality on this plane

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