Hi! My name is Svietlana
I am a Manifestor, Light Bearer & SoulMate Alchemist
An immigrant turned expat. I lived in 4 countries, acquired 2 nationalities, I was proposed to 7 times, got engaged 3 times, now happily married to my soulmate. I had jobs I desired, I started businesses, learned to drive at 36, lost 27kg in just over a year, etc. It feels like I lived several lives and embodied numerous identities
Slaying the challenges, I searched for a teacher, only to realise that I am the teacher; Now frequently appearing on numerous podcasts to teach manifestation techniques and soulmate attraction. It took me endless learning, development, observation and even channelling to understand how love, life, energy works and how to intentionally/consciously manifest. I helped others manifest their desires for many years before I even knew what I was doing.
I love life and being the writer of my story… Let me help you rewrite your story, so that you can start living your best life, full of Love, Joy, Peace and Bliss
  • Spirituality & Manifestation 89% 89%
  • Love, Dating, Relationships 95% 95%
  • Life Balance and Success 85% 85%
What People Say
My god thank you for helping me see that I was causing such destructive behaviour in my relationship. Sometimes even a spiritual being needs to be called out on their sh*t, you did that with love and grace. I would recommend you to anyone looking to find a relationship in their life. You are truly gifted.

Svietlana held the space for me and truly showed me how to Communicate in my Relationship in a much more beneficial way. Applying this has changed my relationship, truly. Svietlana has this magnificent power of looking through you, of holding the space with love and ease, and of guiding you with intuition and truthfulness towards your situation.

Svietlana is an amazing passionate Relationship expert! I had a miraculous healing with her. I found clarity within a few minutes of talking to her and I learned how relationships work. I learned effective strategies to release deep last trauma which was so necessary fore. I found hope and confidence to move ahead!

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